WordPress 2.1

Well, we finally upgraded Protozoic to WordPress 2.1 from version 1.5. For most readers, no real differences accompany the upgrade, though we are working on integrating our videos into a podcast stream as well as using 2.1’s features to better serve up our media. Also of note is the doing away of the stupid little image one must retype to post a comment. 2.1 comes with a nice spam plugin which checks for each comment in a central database of spam, so most of the work is done for us.

Notable improvements on the administrative side include a new interface, an autosave feature, and some other random crap.

Loki: In the meantime, don’t forget your chapstick.

Use plenty of chapstick in the dry winter months ahead.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.1

  1. The admin section looks pretty nice. I like the fact that I could now add categories or edit my own comments if I wanted to.

    Of course allowing me the ability to edit other people’s comments as well was also a nice touch, and a freedom that I wouldn’t’ve expected. But I promise to use my newly acquired powers only for the public good …and to acquire vast monitary sums through a clever ponzi scheme.

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