Green Machine – Update

It has been a little while since I’ve posted about the progress on The Green Machine. Things are still moving along. I just finished editing the longest scene of the movie this morning and besides a couple of sloppy edits which I’ll fix later on, it looks pretty good. It still amazes me what people who can act can do to dead words. I’ll go back to editing this evening once I get off work and try to knock out another scene.

Something connected to The Green Machine in a very roundabout way is my recent rediscovery of Dr. Syn, a series of stories written by Russell Thorndike (check Dragon’s post Thee where I’ve posted some on Thorndike and his stories). The stories loosely center (very loosely I might add) on the character of Captain Clegg, a retired pirate hiding out as a vicar named Dr. Syn. Syn and his men ride about the marshes dressed as scarecrows scaring off the King’s men (I think… to be honest I don’t know. It’s pretty hard to pay attention to a story where characters keep on talking about “rascally pirates”). It is all pretty Scooby Doo and awful to be honest. However, I really like the idea of scarecrows. Among other characters, the original Ameviathan universe was to feature two scarecrows (who knows, it one day still might). The scarecrows of the Syn-verse are pretty dark, and at least in feel suggest a very spooky vision that artists like Mark Masztal have picked up on.

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  1. I still think of the PJ saga as a sort of pre-history of the Amviathan universe. And in that light the Headless Horseman can be seen as a sort of proto-scarecrow.

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