Update: “The Green Machine”

The Ameviathan script we will be shooting will be “The Green Machine”. Though we are still looking into filing for profit or non-profit status for the film-making future, “The Green Machine” will not receive third-party funding.

There are a couple reasons for this. With a 20 to 30 minute length video, there isn’t any sort of shelf life for the current incarnation of “Ameviathan” outside of the realm of television show. And with the the heyday off Sid and Marty Kroft (rather sadly in my mind) behind us, there also isn’t any real hope of a major bidding war for airing rights breaking out any time soon.

As such, “The Green Machine” will be S.T.I. (straight to internet), and see release here exclusively on Protozoic. However, none of this means that the our goals for “The Green Machine” are any less lofty. Technically, “The Green Machine” will represent the most complicated thing we’ve done to date, in terms of the writing process, pre-production, production and post-production.

This week, Tim and myself have started with a thorough read-through of the the screenplay, making some appropriate decisions. Next, I’ll start story-boarding and Tim will look into lighting. Meanwhile, Brian will harvest ants from our yard.

As for the future: We will continue to look into filing for non-profit or profit status and I will continue working towards the completion of a feature length script. At the current time, I am still working on producing treatments for potential ideas, though I think I’ve landed on the idea I’ll be developing. Brian’s plans for the future will remain steadfast: the ant-opian dream.