Ameviathan Update

Well Week 1 of the new regimen is over. I won’t lie either, it beat the hell of me. However, rather miraculously the plan is working and progress on the screenplays is not only continuing, but going extremely well. I have a feeling that Week 2 is going to be a lot tougher. And Week 3… I don’t even want to think about yet.

This all means that I’m not really sure how many updates I’ll be doing here on Protozoic, at least while I’m working 9 to 5 and getting up at the crack of dawn to write. However, I’m certain I’ll figure out a way to squeeze in an update or two from time to time (maybe after I get my evenings back from exerting my will against the employment-void by filling out job applications). In any event, I will continue to post weekly reports of the Amieviathan project’s progress here. And of course, I’m sure our other posters will throw up some juicy nuggets of truth here at some point too.

Is there anything else? I saw a deplorable documentary about Chemtrails (2001). It had to be one of the worst produced things I’ve ever seen, not to mention the work of foaming madmen. Really though, what did you expect if you are watching a documentary on chemtrails? So there are highlights for chem-fans, like the interview with William Wallace, and his dog, eh-hem, Braveheart.

Some better, and more enjoyable things I’ve seen here in the past week or so are [The Good Fairy] (1935), directed by William Wyler, The Long Goodbye (1977), directed by Robert Altman, the new Battlestar Galatica (2003), directed by Michael Rymer and Joss Whedon’s Firefly (2002-2003). If you are not particularly interested in chemtrails, watch these things first.

See you in a week.

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  1. Possible Spoilers

    I watched Galactica last night. Good stuff. I especially liked the part where the doctor finally got some cajones and practically dragged everyone to safety during the aborted attack on the Cylon anti-aircraft position.

    At the end though, when his big blond chicky says, “Just let me be your conscience.” I get the impression that he might be thinking maybe she shouldn’t be his conscience after all. She’s apparently a brilliant prognosticator and claims to know “God’s will”, but seemed a little unconcerned about the loss of life somehow.

    Weird stuff.

    Firefly was pretty cool though.

    She Dragon particularly liked it. Any half decent sci-fi with a little humor to break up the dramatic tension will probably win her over (hence Star Gate SG-1). She seemed all up ons that new Serenity movie when they showed the trailer.

    One gripe though: The Sci-fi channel has too many commercials. With some shows it’s almost ridiculous the proportion of program to commercial time. Also, I know it’s normal for commercials to be slightly louder than the programming (so you can hear them from the kitchen and bathroom apparently). But on the Sci-fi channel it’s almost exaggerated. It’s like:

    show dialogue…show dialogue…show dialogue COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL

    We regularly have to turn down or mute the TV it’s so obnoxious.

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