Commander Mark and the Secret City

A couple days ago Commander Mark and the Secret City came up in a discusion under the What’s this about? post. I was going through the Puritan archives this morning (looking for something or another) and I came across an old poem I’d done in 2002 as a tribute to the talents of Mark Kistler, Commander Mark. Since it was related to the discussion I’ve posted it here. The poem is actually pretty poor and it doesn’t really do justice to inspiration that Kistler provided a lot of people with. Looking at the poem now, I can’t say as if I even know what I was talking about; other than how dumb of a movie Logan’s Run (1976), directed by Michael Anderson, actually was.

Commander Mark

Secret City

Secret City
commander mark 
knows how to get there 
a land where 
everybody paints little happy trees 
and is fed, housed and entertained 
like logan's run 
no bills 
just pills 
under socialist reforms 
is that the life for me?

April 2002

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