A Sign of Bad Times

I overheard this at work the other day.

“I’ve got to get some duct tape to fix the floor.”

I don’t think I even have to say how wrong that is, and what that says about this institute of science.

10 thoughts on “A Sign of Bad Times

  1. See, I totally understand where that person’s comming from. I think.

    In my experience going through the proper channels to “get something done right” can often take alot longer and require more paperwork (or you find out the little thing you want would violate 10 building codes). That’s why I often end up ordering stuff to make minor repairs myself, or jurry-rig something from random crap left around in the building’s non-contaminated garbage.

  2. While I appreciate the points you guys are making, I still take issue with fixing the floor with tape. I’m all about minor repairs, sometimes with tape, but the floor?

  3. I’m with bear on this one. Hell, half of my working environment is held together with either duckt tape or gaff tape, but the floor? Come on now. Bondo that shit or something.

  4. I guess they could have bondo’d it. I prefer a custom mixture of rubber cement and ground up baby bones.

  5. Man, why you bitches disrespecting Duct Tape? Duct tape fixes everything. Cracks in the floor, broken engine parts and/or limbs, even failed relationships – Duct Tape is more wizard than Elminster….

    Even made-up Presidential quotes agree…..

    “If it can’t be fixed with duct tape, it was fucking broke to begin with.” -Abraham “Cockass” Lincoln

    History doesn’t lie.

  6. You know the old saying:

    Duct Tape is like The Force: It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

    (Or at least it was like The Force before the stupid “mendalobin” plot device came about.)

  7. On the airplane mechanics’ exam

    Q: If it’s tight and supposed to be loose? A: WD 40

    Q:If it’s loose and supposed to be tight? A: duct tape

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