Review: Spike Jones – Strictly for Music Lovers [BOX SET]

No, this isn’t the fraud-Jones behind Being John Malcobitch, but the other Spike Jones. Spike Jonze, the 4th Beastie Boob, is and forever will be moronic just like the Cajun inspired spelling of his last name. Why people are always talking about Spike Jonze, the jambalayian-retard, and not the real Spike Jones is beyond me. Perhaps these people just don’t want to feel like they live in tiki-bungalow with Yosemite Sam. Well change is on the wind, and heralding that change is the Spike Jones Box Set, “Strictly for Music Lovers”. With the ludicrously cheap price tag of under 25 dollars, this excellent four CD set provides hours upon hours of musical hoots, whoops, shoots and WWII humor to boot. It is a matter of time before Jonze and all of New Orleans’s crawfish are sacrificed in the Wicker Man.