Crescent Dogs

The other day, we were about to cook some Pillsbury butter flake crescent rolls to complement our dinner, when the recipe on the side of the canister caught my eye. Crescent dogs sounded like a good idea. We had the hot dogs. We had the cheese. Sounds like a winner.

Dough in a can

The recipe is simple. Cut the dogs, stuff some cheese in, and wrap them with the crescent roll dough. Two tips:

  1. When you cut the hot dogs for the cheese stuffing, don’t cut them end to end. If one makes a “pocket” in the hot dog, the cheese won’t melt out the end.
  2. Flatten the dough triangle with your fingers some to make it wider before wrapping so you can get better coverage on the dogs.

Stuff 'em good

Raw dog

Thats it. Throw ’em in the oven and you’re finished. I found they needed to be cooked a good deal long than the directions stated so that the bread cooked through. Though if you eat this stuff raw sometimes like we do, its no big deal if they are a little undercooked.


On a side note, I searched the web briefly to see if anyone talks about eating Pillsbury dough raw and all I got were sites about eating cookie dough. The first site is some blog. The post about cookie dough has an interesting comment (3rd one down). I never thought of eating lard…

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