Days of Chia: day 1

Prior to moving recently, I uncovered an original Chia pet at my parent’s house and brought it with my personage to Lawrenceville. After a rather intensive and fruitless search for Chia seeds for purchase (besides through the internet), I learned from CVS pharmacy that Chias are seasonal products. Seeds accordingly are only made availible in stores as the winter holidays draw near. Sure enough, a week or so before Halloween, CVS unveiled it’s line of Chias; at which time I purchased a Garfield Chia to get both the Garfield pot and some seeds.

Day 1

The following photo-diary represts my first attempt at growing Chia. I will be updating this diary so you can see the drama unfold daily.

Day 1 Day 1

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  1. The original pet soaking in the bowl is 24-25 years old. I can’t wait to see the drama unfold and to learn which pet will ultimately sport the better head of chia hair.

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