Dangerous Nuts

Here is the latest safety bulletin from the lab:

Fall Safety Hazards

With the Fall season upon us, I wanted to remind everyone that the falling leaves and acorns can cause slippery conditions on walking surfaces, including parking lots. This can create hazardous conditions, particularly when wet weather hits. Please use special care when walking on areas near trees and when getting into and out of your cars. Thanks.

Yes, you read that correctly. Watch out for leaves and acorns.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Nuts

  1. I once did a small pirouette and jete on an acorn in the parking lot of my barber shop. I landed on my left side and was bruised for about two weeks! Acorns are nothing to mess with.


  2. Very true. Though it is ultimatly a-corny tale, acorns are nuttin’ to mess with.

    *Double Pun Score*

  3. There are a couple trees out beside the Broad Institute that produce these weird little mushy fruits. They fall on the ground and coat the sidewalk along one side of the block. They only pose a slight slipping hazard, but the rotting fruits smell strongly like dog-poo. You can tell when someone sitting near you in the office had to come in through those doors since they inevitably reak of canine excrement.

    The weirdest part: there’s a little nut-type-thing at the center of the mushy dog-poo fruit. And though I’ve never seen it rumor has it that this nut-type-thing is a delicacy to some palates and that two older women, apparently of some Asian ancestry, have been spotted picking through the mushy fruits in search of these nut-type-things.

    I kid you not!

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