The Return of Boo Berry.

Goodness Corner

The amazing thing about Boo Berry is that it appears to be marketed as a “healthy” cereal by General Mills. Anything that turns your milk purple or was inspired by circus peanuts can’t be healthy.

Of course, with all of this talk about Boo Berry, obviously we are going to have to try Franken Berry and Count Chocula. It’s only a matter of time before all of the old forgotten cereals from our childhoods are rediscovered and sampled. Even some that I never had when I was little, like CoCo Wheats and King Vitaman. We used to be able to get King Vitaman at Food Lion, but I haven’t seen it up here in NJ. Fortunately, even though Quaker Oats doesn’t acknowledge King Vitaman on their web site, you can buy King Vitaman through the Quaker Oats online store.

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