Spontaneous Combustion and News Update

Shortly the Cave of Trouble’s 2004 cinematic outing, Spontaneous Combustion, will be made available on Protozoic.com. The other night Tim (Bear) and myself made minor corrections to it and then burned a proper DVD of it, which we think looks pretty good. And looking good is pretty important, especially when you take into account other major elements of the film like “plot” are damn near incomprehensible. I’m guessing that we will have the movie up for download sometime next week in both a small format and then a larger format (but not too large format). Then not too far off in the future, we’ll also be finishing up the music video for Spontaneous Combustion, “May I have Some Cake Please”, and probably putting that up too. Once that is done, we’ll go ahead and put together a DVD which we’ll be selling on the website.

In other news, progress on the album is going quite smoothly. More on that soon.

The only other piece of news I have concerns the Anime “Comic Party”, which I watched on Comcast’s On Demand feature this evening (currently there are a number of free programs you can watch On Demand as part of a promotion I’m assuming). The verdict is that “Comic Party” has to be the worst Anime I’ve ever seen. Don’t watch it. Carve Pumpkins.