My girlfriend and I have gotten in the habit of going to Blockbuster to see if any of the “guaranteed to be in” movies aren’t in. Then we get to watch a free movie. We don’t even care what it is. The only part that sucks is asking the person at the counter.

Me: “Umm, hi, do you guys have any copies of Man on Fire?

Them: “No, we’re all out.”

Me: “… … …”

Them: “…”

Me: “Can I get a rain check on it?”

Them: “I guess so.”

They are just so unwilling to volunteer that free rental. Everyone involved knows why I am asking for that movie, but the employee invariably never wants to bring it up.

Speaking of Blockbuster, I just noticed they are running a deal like Netflix. I wonder how that will play out… According to Mark Pilgrim, the forecast says that Blockbuster will triumph.