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One of my all-time favorite videos. I have no idea why it was called prison.ra. I think Mike had just gotten a webcam before going back to England for school. I don’t recall him ever actually using it for anything but this. Who knows.

Also, let me know if you have any problems with the new video format.

7 thoughts on “prison.ra

  1. Even better. I had a glitch in the post. It’s now fixed (I think). HTML5 video player that falls back to Flash if your browser doesn’t support the format. Should be HTML5 in Safari and Chrome, and Flash in other browsers. If I transcode the video to another format it should be HTML5 in Firefox as well.

  2. 16 august, the 33rd anniversary of elvis’ “demise” (i.e., disappearance…something like the A-Team heading for the L.A. underground)

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