Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus (Redux)

Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus was shot sometime when I was in high school. Chris edited a full version of it at some point. However, I’m not certain if this version exists any longer. Over the weekend, I came across a tape with most (if not all) of the original source footage on it. So I recut the movie, added some sound effects and a song.

Why the film was called Disco Jesus is a question now lost to time (or at least to me). As I seem to recall, there was an actual script entitled Red Chicken. In the film, “Red Chicken” is the name of the mission to destroy the demon. At some point in time however, everyone stopped calling the film Red Chicken and rechristened it Disco Jesus. It is possible that the rechristening had to do with a character called the Highwayman who does not appear in the Redux edit of the film. In addition to the unhinged soldier, the Highwayman was played by Brian. All that was ever shot of the Highwayman was Brian in a trench-coat with shoe polish on his face walking down, you guessed it, a highway. Personally however I suspect there wasn’t actually a reason for calling the film Disco Jesus, other than we liked the name.

  • Note: In the film at around 2 minutes and 39 seconds the painting Tina is featured. An earlier post on Protozoic, discussing the painting, has become increasingly popular with our German readership.

13 thoughts on “Operation: Red Chicken Disco Jesus (Redux)

  1. Mr. Lucas, shouldn’t this properly be called Operation: Disco Jesus : Episode 4: A New Hope, since it is a re-edit?

  2. This is actually better than 90% of the video shit you normally post. Interesting to see the “pre-steroids” Tim Gray and the long-haired dope-smoking hippie commie Brian. Tom’s Gilligan hat was hilarious, too. BTW, as the authorized legal representitive of Lucasfilm, LTD, we will be filing suit due to the unauthorized use of the Rancor. Have a nice day.

  3. Glad you liked it Elias! That wasn’t a Rancor, it was actually a Domino’s Pizza Noid doll that was melted down with a blowtorch. It’s cool that you thought it was a Rancor, we thought it looked like one too!!

    If you must take issue with anything, I say take issue with the fireworks.

    Since the movie was filmed on location in South Carolina, there wasn’t an issue with the legality of the fireworks themselves. However, I did beat the crap out of some Mexican kid and stole the bag of bottle-rockets he was holding, so that might have been wrong….

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