Walking one even’ toward dusk
Near Ayers Rock, we spied
A lone form silhouetted on the horizon.

Some amongst us said,
“It were a man.”
Others, “Dingo.”

But ’twas late and so
We left the lone Mandingo
And continued on our way.

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This guy lives in Boston MA with his beloved wife and two kids. You can get some idea of his likes and dislikes from posts on this website or elsewhere.

8 thoughts on “Mandingo

  1. That’s where I saw it! What threw me about it was that it was in color. So it was familiar and at the same time somehow not familiar… perhaps like the Mandingo himself…

  2. Much so.

    Every time I thought about this poem the moondog came to mind (dogg-ish, yet at the same time strangely undogg-ish). And I thought I could either try to re-draw it myself and have it come out more crappy, or I could just appropriate the picture and alter it to suit the needs of the moment.

  3. You made a good choice. I like the picture.

    On a slightly unrelated note, but connected to all that is “moon”, it would seem that Marvel have put out Moon Knight in TPB.

    Grue will be happy about this.

  4. Actually, aside from Frank Castle, I was really into Moon Knight… I think I have all of the edtions except for a few of the more recent ones. It was a great comic.

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