Basement Acid Dinosaur Album EP

Basement Acid Dinosaur Album EP is short and sweet and doesn’t have a point. Recorded in 2000 (yay! Out of 1999!), it really doesn’t have much to say for itself.

The only real note worthy track is the last one, Friends All Disappear When I Make Music. If the music is as bad as the stuff on this EP, it’s no wonder.

On a fresh listen, I guess the title track is kind of fun. There is a great verse about poop in it:

When you're not looking,
I drop a spike in your coffee.
You think it's toffee.
Maybe it's a root,
... hangs a little low,
I kick it with my boot,
Up onto your roof.
My brown flies high,
With the wings of an owl.
Hoot hoot.

I’ve said this before, but Track 3 is one of the worst things ever. Don’t listen to it.

  1. Basement Acid Dinosaur
  2. AC/DC Bear Blues
  3. Do-Do-Do-Moon
  4. Yessicuss Acoustic Dream
  5. Motion
  6. Knife Speed is Light Speed
  7. Friends All Disappear When I Make Music

4 thoughts on “Basement Acid Dinosaur Album EP

  1. Surely you must have realized that by razzing that track, it became irresistible. Naturally, I listened to it first. I actually quite enjoyed it…mesmerizing in a minimalistic kind of way.

  2. I do realize that. However, I’m trying to give you guys the straight dope. The amount of songs we are putting up is quite high. If your are going to listen to any of them, hit the ones I’ve highlighted. Then go to the ones unmentioned. Only then should you delve into the ones marked listener beware.

    On the other hand, if you want to listen to them all, I commend you and salute your intestinal fortitude.

  3. I know it’s mostly insturmental but I actually I find I like the stuff on BAD more than alot of the stuff on Random Encounters. It may not have RE’s comedic bits, but neither does it have the cachophonous noise crap that RE did (ie. Shub).

    Q: Is every piece with “Bear” in the title just Protozoic’s Bear jamming solo?

  4. A: More or less. To be more precise, they are songs that Mike could never put words to. If they got words, regardless of the origin of the music, they got a non-Bear name.

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