A serious message

I like posting on this site late at night. Night time is when I can actually unwind and think and reflect on things…

I was looking over the posts, and I kind of came to a realization. I can’t write anything without using the words ‘cunt’ or ‘fuck.’ No one else seems to have this problem. This really bothers me. I shouldn’t feel the need to swear in order to get my point across.

I am certainly too vulgar. I mean potty humor used to be fun, but now that we are all a bit older and settling into life, it all just seems kind of crude and senseless and uncalled for. I kind of see now why our nation has democratically re-elected George W. Bush and his administration for a second term. We as a people are way too out of control. We’ve corrupted ourselves. We are a morally bankrupt generation.

Maybe I am out of line. Maybe this is the wrong place or the wrong time to tell everyone how I’ve been feeling lately. But something significant has changed. I used to think the darker, dirtier, seedier side of life was something we could sort of poke fun at. But now I realize that it is the undoing of society. I masked my pain towards a societal-down spiral by making stupid jokes about Pop-culture and buying into the rhetoric of Gen X’ers and Gen Why’ers in criticizing the “right-wing moral majority.”

Everything I so adamantly rallied against in the past… I can only say I’m sorry, and try to correct things from here on out…

Just kidding. Fuck fuck titty titty cunt fuck!!!!


4 thoughts on “A serious message

  1. Hey grue, In a plague-addled state I watched “The Last Unicorn” the other day then read some protozoic posts for variety. This unlikely combination put a question in my head: Does your nom-de-plume owe any derivation to the character “Molly Grue” from that book? Or is it of more Zork-ian origins? I’ll be most impressed if it turns out to be Molly Grue, cause that’s the pop-culturally obscurest etymology. But it’s not like I’m prepared to roundly mock you if that’s your actual name due to some parental choice or accident of ancestry.

  2. Actually my birth name is Glue, but my parents were Chinese. So in fact it was a combination of parental choice and ancestry.

    So please, don’t mock me. I am not big on confrontation.

    On a side note, you watched ‘The Last Unicorn’?



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