Monday, 11:33 am, in the Apple Store

I am looking at a table of three old ladies tapping away at iPads, while a heavyset woman breathes instructions into a lineman amplified over the speakers of a monitor that displays her own iPad’s screen. Between labored huffs, I catch something about time zones and geographic locations. Eyes peer over rims of glasses to clutched devices. There is some more wheezing into the microphone – why is it so goddamn close to her mouth? – no matter, Cupertino has just been name checked. A blue shirt whizzes by me, catches my scowl and spins. Earlier, I have made a mental note looking at another blue shirt wearing a woolen knit winter hat, that all employees must be encouraged to wear a piece of clothing that expresses a relaxed individuality, or faux-relaxed individuality, as I am sure Jobs in his jeans and turtleneck never put anyone in the room at ease. The blue shirt buzzing by my head now is a bookish, yet attractive female, sporting fashionable trousers.

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A decade

Mike tells me that protozoic is 10 years old. We’ve been online at this location for a full decade. We had other internet homes before this one, but this one is the longest running one. I think we first established our internet presence with the original Chook site, which was sometime around 1996 or 1997.

The first post here was made on September 15th, 2004. We posted a lot more then. Hopefully we will continue in the future.

Coffee and the days of BBSing


The above title is misleading. It is misleading because while I was around during the days of the old dial-up Bulletin Board Systems, I never ran one or really had an interest in computing. I more just lived “through the times” and the era of modems, baud connections and AOL CDs, when in an effort to kill boredom, my friends and I would frequent BBSs. On BBSs we would sometimes play door games, sometimes download a porn picture line by pixel-loading-line, sometimes troll, and sometimes connect with other people in an attempt to feel a little less isolated in our adolescence. BBSs were a way to participate with a world that reached beyond the suburbs.

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A Shizz friend of mine has run a Tumblr blog for almost a year now that I participate in:, or just BCOG. It is, as the name suggests, a collection of photos of beer cans atop this here Earth. Here are a couple of my submissions.

A grocery bag of Natural Light cans found on the Goucher College campus. June 26th, Towson, MD.
Union Craft Duckpin can wedged into some rocks in Rocks State Park. June 29th, Jarrettsville, MD.

You can submit your own photos of BCOGs via this link: